Bridge Elementary has chosen engaging, research based-curriculum for our students. We believe in the benefits of using a wide variety of curriculum so teachers can teach to the individual child to meet their needs. Click on the links below to learn more.


Engage NY

Engage NY is a nationally top-rated math curriculum that aligns fully with the Common Core math standards. Students at Bridge will be taught this rigorous curriculum in small groups based on a child's math level and needs.

Additional Math Resources

Bridge Elementary has a HUGE library of math resources available for our teachers to use to meet individual student needs. This includes programs such as Zearn, Khan Academy, Hands on Standards, Hands on Equations, Versatiles, math Exemplars, and so much more!

Computer Aided Instruction
Imagine Learning

Imagine Math/ Language and Literacy are rigorous, standards-aligned programs that personalize learning for each student. These are a perfect fit for our students at Bridge! Students are immersed in curriculum that uses data to scaffold concepts for each learner, ultimately leading to deep understanding.

Character Development
Character First

Character First promotes timeless values and concepts that transcend social and cultural differences. Our students at Bridge are REFLECTIVE, DETERMINED, FLEXIBLE, ENTHUSIASTIC, THOROUGH, and take INITIATIVE. We believe that these important learning dispositions will allow them to become successful visible learners.

Phonemic Awareness

This is a whole group, direct instruction program for phonemic awareness aligned with foundational reading skills core standards.

Foundational Reading Skills and Phonics
Reading Horizons

Reading Horizons is an explicit, standards-based reading program that teaches phonics and foundational reading skills.

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary
95 Percent Group Reading

Bridge will be using two standard based, direct instruction programs from 95 Percent Group. The comprehension program focuses on teaching comprehension processes., while Vocabulary Surge teaches students word parts to help build their word comprehension!

Additional Language Arts Resources

Bridge Elementary has additional reading and language arts curriculum including Novel Ties, Close Reading Passages, and Read Naturally. Curriculum materials used for writing will include Four Square Writing, Utah Compose, and Zaner Bloser for cursive.


Students at Bridge will learn science from a variety of standard based curriculum programs includingKessler Science, Science A to Z, Brain Pop, UEN, and Flocabulary.

Social Studies

Bridge will focus on the state standards with programs such as Studies Weekly, Brain Pop, UEN, Core Knowledge, and Flocabulary.

Health and PE

Keeping our kids healthy is important for us at Bridge, so we will be using programs such as Shape America, UEN, and Flocabulary to help make this happen.

Technology and STEM

Typing will be taught at Bridge using a program called Typetastic. Students in the upper grades will gain STEM knowledge from resources such as Kessler STEM, Creative Coding with Brain Pop, materials from the Utah STEM Action Center, and Hands 2 Mind STEM.