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Bridge Elementary has chosen engaging, research based-curriculum for our students. We believe in the benefits of using a wide variety of curriculum so teachers can teach to the individual child to meet their needs. Click on the links below to learn more.

State Assessments

Parent Exclusion

State Mandated Assessments

School Performance Data

Schoolwide Assessments

Students are formally assessed three times each year using not only state required assessments, but using schoolwide assessments which include those listed below. Parents are notified of the student's data three times a year - beginning (September), middle (January) and end (June).

Fall 2022 Family Survey Data

Winter 2023 Family Survey Data

Spring 2023 Family Survey Data

October 2022 BOY Data (blue = above grade level, green = on grade level, yellow = below grade level and red = well below grade level)

January 2023 MOY Data

May EOY Data