Dakota Kovach

Dakota Kovach

SpED Behavior Support

I am Dakota Kovach, but I prefer to go by Coda. In the past I have had students refer to me as "Ms. K". I have been working in the behavior realm since July of 2020. I started as a Registered Behavior Technician with another company, then worked for Weber School District as an Elementary Behavior Aide. My passion for special education and behavior analysis is deeply rooted and drives me to keep going through the most challenging days. I strive to help students to learn about their bodies and minds so they can understand how they function. This focus allows me to help students gain skills to regulate their emotions so that they are able to function at age appropriate levels across a variety of environments.

I graduated with my associates degree of applied science in Marriage and Family Studies in December of 2023. I am in the final few semesters of my bachelor degree in the same major. Upon completion of this degree I intend to get my master's degree in Special Education. 

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, hammocking, painting, drawing, and photography. I am an avid concert attendee, and I love taking naps. I am very close with my family, especially my younger sister (Mekena Kovach), who also was recently employed at Bridge.