career opportunities

licensed Educators

Teachers at Bridge Elementary must be licensed based on Utah State Office of Education licensing requirements. Bridge's licensed educators include full-time classroom teachers (three per grade) and part-time specialist teachers. Teacher specialists include social studies, science, humanities, writing, library media, and visible learning/character development. All employees must pass an FBI background check.


All para-educators must be highly qualified based on state standards. At Bridge, para-educators must  have a minimum of an associate's degree, 48 semester hours of college credit, or receive a passing score on the Para-Pro Praxis test. Each grade level will have three para-educators who work an average of 28 hours each week. Additionally, Bridge will employ other para-educators to assist with physical education, technology, and academic interventions. All employees must pass an FBI background check.

non-licensed staff

Bridge Elementary has several full or part-time positions for non-licensed staff. These positions may include: recess supervision, lunch supervision, janitorial, parking lot assistance, secretarial, and school/grounds maintenance. All employees must pass an FBI background check.

Bridge Elementary is an equal opportunity provider and employer.