Lani Rounds


Before becoming director of Bridge Elementary, Lani served as the Board Chair and founding board member of Bridge. Lani has worked in both traditional district schools and charter schools. She has nearly 20 years experience as a special education teacher and director, charter school director, charter school start-up specialist and education specialist for a charter school service provider. Creating a learning environment that empowers young students to take ownership of their learning has been Lani's dream for many years. Lani is a Roy native (go Royals) and bringing Roy's first charter school to her hometown has helped fulfill her dream.

Lani is working hard towards becoming a minimalist. She lives in a tiny home and attempts to limit the amount of tangible possessions. In her spare time Lani loves to spend time outdoors where she will hike, bike, paddle board, ski (cross country and downhill), and hang out with her grandkids.