Madison Fisher

Fine Arts

I'm Madison, I'm the Fine Arts Specialist and I  have worked with kids most of my life. All the way from babysitting, being a nanny, substitute, Para educator, and now a Fine Arts Specialist. A few things about me is that I'm a big Disney fan, I enjoy watching movies,  love the color yellow, and will do and try any kind of art. I'm very passionate with doing photography, drawing, and especially painting! One of my specialties is painting shoes for people. I love children, they are  bright and full of life. Children have taught me a lot as a teacher and a person, they are the little teachers I need each day, the small things they teach remind me why I enjoy being a teacher and enjoy working with  them. The thing I love about being an Art teacher is I get to learn  new kinds of art and skills with the children and be a kid at heart. I get to understand their creativeness and mind set with each activity we do.