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NOTE: Our billing address is Kaysville which is why the Amazon Smile Bridge Elementary has a Kaysville address.

Donations - Bridge has non-profit 501c3 status. Families can donate money or supplies as part of their requested 30 volunteer hours. For each $3 donated families will earn ONE volunteer hour. You can satisfy all of your family hours with a $90 donation. Volunteer hours and donations in lieu of volunteer hours are voluntary.  Students of parents who do not complete volunteer hours or make donations in lieu of volunteer hours will still be able to fully participate in all school activities, classes, and programs. Access the Volunteer Tracker form on our website at:

Additional donations needed:

Kindergarten Afternoon Snack Program - We run this program through our Child Nutrition department. Suggested donation is $25 per student for the year.

Office Supplies - Reams of white copy paper

Face Masks - boxes of disposable or two-layer cloth

Dress Down Days - This is basically our ONLY fundraising activity. Each month students are asked to donate $2 to "Dress Down" meaning they do not have to wear clothing items that conforms to our dress code. We will have 10 Dress Down days, typically the last Friday of the month. You can donate a one time amount of $15 to pay for Dress Down days for the entire year. Please make payments in the office and notate "Dress Down" or you can pay online through our Instant Payments portal (Monetary Donation Button above). All “Dress Down” donations are voluntary.  Students who do not make a “Dress Down” donation will still be able to dress down on all “Dress Down” days.