Danie Treadwell

2nd Grade Para Educator

Howdy! My name is Danie Treadwell and I’m a recently retired Domestic Engineer-fancy way of saying “Stay at Home Mom.” I am thrilled to join the Bridge Family and work with the Second Graders. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, hiking, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and reading. My favorite holiday is Halloween and fun fact-my husband and I were married on Halloween so we get to celebrate it extra each year! I have three amazing children; a son, 12, who just started his first year of a Jr. High; a daughter, 5, who is a Kinder here at Bridge, and earlier this year my husband and I welcomed a new baby girl. They sure keep me on my toes, but they never fail to make me laugh and smile. My goal is to capture the same energy my kids bring me and take it into work each day. Here’s to a good year, and Go Bullfrogs!