volunteer opportunities

Our charter suggests families provide 30 hours each year of volunteer service to the school. Hours can be entered at the bottom of the page using the RED button.

Current Opportunities

  • Door hangers placed in the Valley View, North Park, Lakeview and Roy Elementary boundaries. Volunteers will hang the flyers on door knobs being careful not to hang on homes that state "No Soliciting" or "No Trespassing" and will not walk on homeowner's grass or landscaping. Please contact Lalani Williams lwilliams@BridgeCharter.org if you would like to participate. Families will log the number of hours spent by the number of participants. For example, if four family members participated for two hours, the family would log 8 hours.

  • Donations - Bridge has non-profit 501c3 status. Families can donate money or supplies as part of their 30 volunteer hours. For each $3 donated families will earn ONE volunteer hour. You can satisfy all of your family hours with a $90 donation. Donation items needed (once school begins).

    • Reams of white paper or white cardstock

    • Hot chocolate, cider and coffee K-cups (we provide all staff free access).

    • Snacks and drinks for our Snacks for Safety program (this program provides uniformed safety officers and military free snacks when they stop by our school and hang out to visit). Items such as granola bars, sodas, energy drinks, nuts, and candy are appreciated. Not to stereotype - but donuts are great too :)

    • School Lunch for our Lunch for Safety program (this program provides uniformed safety officers and uniformed military school lunch when they stop by our school and eat lunch in the lunchroom with our students). Please make payments at the office and notate "Lunch for Safety".